Day 5. Das Konzert im Ei


Das Konzert im Ei (1550/75), anonymous copy on Hieronymus Bosch.

The magic world of Bosch consists of symbols, objects and animals. Grotesque comes from the seriousness within absurdity.

What a bunch of yokels living in an egg (pun intended)!

And what a bunch of thieves! Ravens are stealing bread from the food basket, a man behind the lute-playing goat is stealing the singer’s wallet, a single hand breaking out of the shell, reaching for the fish under the scrutiny of a cat. And the tiny kingdom in the pantofle, stealing our attention away from its dark little corner.

Such a loud, bizarre scene! When one looks at Bosch’s pictures, one’s gaze never stops wandering around. “Watching” might be a more suitable word, for it is an occurrence, a process of discovering. A strange composition of countless unrelated elements, like a chant in dissonance, like a song of fools.

Snake on a tree, he lost his apple in the basket; monkey plays an oboe, turtle turns away; a man with a house on his head is peeking at us, and so is the red eyed owl. And shh…don’t scare the white crane away!


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