Day 4. Time Traveller


Bronx Floors: Four-way Wall (1973) by Gordon Matta-Clark.

A space only exists through its own confining. A room only exists through its four walls. In this sense, what Matta-Clark does is to redefine, to break through the walls, to reframe.

Destruct also creates. The lacking of bricks and stones gives birth to new dimensions. The paradox of architecture.

The pillar in the middle, isn’t he a time traveller (or better, a »space traveller«)? Standing solemnly at the intersection of four universes, he who builds them separately, also links them into one. A man living in four worlds.

Shall he be taken away, what happens now?


The exhibition of Louise Bourgeois »I have been to hell and back«(2015) in Moderna Museet, Stockholm. The design of the room reminds me of the pillar of Matta-Clark, or rather the lack of it. Our gaze isn’t blocked or manipulated anymore. Reframing is now everywhere and nowhere, for it becomes a spiral, a splitting labyrinth divided in three (and then six).

We feel disoriented, suddenly the urge comes – to climb over, to step onto the middle point of the low white barricades. To become the time traveller ourselves!

To exist in all universes. That must be what God feels like.

(And in the end, »God« was chased out of the museum by securities.)


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